Our Revenue Cycle Management solution offers a comprehensive approach that evaluates, improves, and manages all components from patient encounter to reimbursement.

From appointment scheduling, patient registration until each claim is completely processed to zero balance, our teams display detailed attention on your accounts. Our professional approach and expertise helps the clients to focus on their core business by liberating them from performing complex billing tasks and other follow-up activities. Our services are custom made to address individual client’s specific business requirements and constraints.

Our full service package will manage your end to end medical billing process requirements thereby enabling you to dedicate complete focus on building your practice and service patients with much more confidence.

Our Services Include

Patient Scheduling
Eligibility and Benefits Verification
Demographics Entry
Demographics Verification
Pre-AR Verification
Medical Coding
Charge Capture
Correspondence & Denials       Posting
EDI Rejection Management(Claim       Edits)
Payment Posting
Credits Resolution
Refund Processing
No response follow-up
Denials and Appeals Management
EDI Transmission
AR Management Solutions - Shorten your revenue cycle and improve your cash flow

AR Management can be taunting process, thankfully, we at Medzeus have a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in both state and commercial payers, and we are able to leverage the knowledge to benefit our providers in a variety of ways. Our reliable and systematic AR solutions help to lower your internal costs, increase collections and improve your cash flow there by positively impacting your top line growth. Our simple yet effective approach on resolving unpaid/partial paid claims involves through reviewing of the patient account, checking eligibility, medical notes, calling payers for necessary information and resubmitting / appealing the claims as appropriate.

Denial Management - Attention to detail and aggressive follow up on denials

Our well-trained medical billing and Denial Management executives are quick to spot any errors in the rejected claim, to ensure that it gets re-filed and the denial can be appealed without any delay. Claims and medical notes will be reviewed, medical coding will be checked and any systematic and repetitive problems will be identified. Our Denial Analysts will co-ordinate with your team to request for any further information, if required.

Patient Follow-Up - Experience our customer centric approach

Our call center representatives provide a customer-focused approach leaving patients feeling respected. Through phone calls, we follow up with the patients to pursue any outstanding balance that is still pending after processing of the claim. The tenets of good customer service are followed to avoid creating any discontent. If the patient does not respond to the follow-up communication, the balance is moved to collections. We generate a report for it and send it to your team for further action.

Data Protection

We follow strict data security measures and ensure all PHI are protected in accordance with HIPAA

Assured Turnaround time

Our 24/7 delivery centers are tuned to deliver the work with-in the agreed timelines.


Our Commitment towards your business growth includes scaling up our resources as required. We are flexible and always ready to take up new tasks.

Total Quality Assurance

We ensure all our processes follow the highest quality standards and best practices in the industry.