Discover & Plan

This phase is handled by a dedicated transition team in association with operations, quality, technology, finance and human resources verticals.

They listen to client requirements and define the key project goals, roles and responsibilities of various stake holders. Once the necessary documents are charted, the delivery team is prepared for the knowledge transfer.

Organize & Build

Project execution plan initiates resource allocation, technology administration, identifying training requirements and ascertaining current risks in the process.

Training documents, SOPs and process manuals are created and implemented.

Project success criteria and SLA metrics on production and quality goals are defined.

Project compliance test and setup-audit are conducted.

Operation delivery team takes ownership of the project from the transition team.

Deploy & Measure

Key performance indicators are monitored and any anomalies are actioned to make sure consistent performance in achieving business goals.

Project management and performance reports are generated and shared with relevant stake holders at pre defined time lines.

Ensure continuous manpower planning and optimize resource training.

Provide visibility on project statistics including staff count ,competency level ,attrition rate ,
tardiness score, trainings provided and regulatory compliance scores.

Manage Quality

We mirror our client's quality methodology to make sure our services are in line with our clients expectations.

 The quality risk and performance standards are benchmarked for the project at a overall level cascading to each team members performance.

Constant quality checks are conducted to ensure all of the performance attributes remain strong.

Remediation actions are implemented at the earliest to arrest the GAPs identified.

Manage Performance

Constant reviews by SMEs are performed at defined frequencies to update any process changes and correct any gap in current understanding of the process.

Use project data to analyse performance results, identify root cause for inefficiencies and chart plans for improvements.

Continuous improvement is done through plan Do> Check>Act method. These efforts seek to do 'incremental' improvement over a specified time or 'break through' improvement all at once as required.

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